The course is suitable for all types of runners looking for something completely different to running a road half marathon. Although the course takes place in a beautiful wild environment it is well marked and marshalled and you will not need a map.

  • If you are venturing away from the road for the first time, this provides you with a unique challenge. It's best described as a multi-terrain trail race and a good introduction to a run on the wild side.
  • Road section, 4.6 miles
  • Grass section, 3.5 miles, not as smooth as tarmac but still very runnable. (Provided the sheep have kept up their course maintenance duties)
  • Forest section, 5 miles, well made surface with some loose gravel, but not as much as you might expect. The Forestry Commission keeps them well maintained.

The general feedback it that it feels like 3 races in one, a road race, a fell race followed by a trail race. 

Course Records:
                                     Sam Stead - 1hr 19m 5s
                                     Philippa Wakefield - 1hr 33m 28s